Kapil Shah - Property Management

Kapil has pretty extensive experience in asset management, financial planning/advisory and extensive insight into the real estate market of the country. Kapil finished his MBA in Finance from New York and has over 12 years of experience managing assets of High Net worth Individuals in USA and India. Kapil had a 10 year stint in New York where he was managing over 300 million dollars in retail assets for several wealth management companies. Kapil still actively follows the securities markets in the USA and loves trading futures /options with personal funds.

Kapil’s passion for real estate and increasingly attractive economic conditions in India brought him back to the homeland. Currently, Kapil is executing several residential housing projects in the city of Pune and provides lending solutions to at least 30 large to mid-sized corporations in Pune. Kapil is actively involved in land acquisition in Maharashtra and has very deep insight into the legal framework of the realty industry.

Kapil likes music, wildlife photography and American movies. Kapil is actively involved with several charitable institutions in Pune and a very active member of Round Table India.